What is Rebalancing

What do you you when people ask: "How are you?" Mostly we say: "I'm fine." But what happens when we look more deeply?

Your body informs you in different ways about how you are doing. Mostly we neglect these signs until we get complaints like stress, headaches, neck or back pain. Your natural harmony is disturbed. Then it is time 'To Balanz' which means searching for a new balance.

Rebalancing encourages you to listen to your body. To feel what lives inside you. If you experience more than only your thoughts, you get more insight into how things work within you. This gives more awareness of who you really are. From thinking, to feeling, to being.

Why Rebalancing

Reasons to choose Rebalancing sessions:

  • You want more relaxation and balance in your life
  • You want to feel good
  • You want to live mQore in the presence and think less
  • You want more insight into physical or emotional discomforts
  • You want support with changes in your life
  • You want more insight into work or personal situations

How does Rebalancing work

Rebalancing sessions are individual. It is a search for what plays a role in your life at the moment. That’s why the session connects to what is most important for you.

By making contact with your body you experience feelings which are stored there. You recognise and understand these experiences. You feel them, name them, process them and let them go. You get more space in your body and mind.

Rebalancing uses different techniques like touching, self-enquiry, breathing, body reading and meditation.

Trudy Boer

For me Rebalancing is a way to look at myself without the aim to achieve something. I have learned to listen to my body better and think less.

Rebalancing became a part of my life by taking sessions and by meditating. Something I wanted to expand. That’s why I took the 3 year training to become a Rebalancer at “Foundation Education Rebalancing”, school for bodywork and awareness.

I give sessions in my own practice. In addition I work as a Human Resources Professional in the private sector.

Practical information

A session takes 1.5 hours. After the first time we discuss if Rebalancing connects to your needs and if we can work together. How often and during which period you will take sessions depends on your needs.

Feel free to contact me for an appointment or for more information.

T: 06-54778278

E: tobalanz@gmail.com

Address: Heelsumseweg 49,

6874 BB Wolfheze (area Arnhem)

I am a member of the Dutch Platform for Professional Rebalancing®.



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