To Balanz: insight in your internal motivation

Does my career still suit me? How do I keep all the balls in the air? My partner feels comfortable, but is this it? I have all kinds of feelings, but what do I do with it? How do I get more into my true self? What suits me?

Located in a welcoming, light and spacious practice in Wolfheze (near Arnhem), To Balanz can help you in your search to reconnect with yourself. During an individual session you literally sink from your head into your body. That movement gives you insight and clarity. You get more space for your body and mind.

Your body is a rich source of information. By rebalancing you reconnect with your body. This can be done via massage or without contact with the help of exercises. Your mind and body create their own inputs that take you on your own personal journey.

The entrance to rebalancing is always your body. You come more into contact with yourself. It makes you aware of what you are doing and with what intention. During the session we always work in the now: how are you now. Your thoughts can wander to the past or the future, however your body is always in the now.

Rebalancing does not require major efforts, you do not have to achieve anything. Rather the opposite. It is a mild way of looking at yourself. It takes courage from you to open up. As soon as you start to experience more than just your thoughts, you will gain insight into how things work for you. You will feel, name, process experiences and thereby give them a place.

In addition to the fundamental rebalancing skills I am also trained in the family constellation methods and can include these in your rebalancing sessions if appropriate.

This involves exploring the influence on you of your ancestors (e.g. parents and siblings) through systemic working techniques. Memories surface that you have in your body from your childhood or from your family system.

What is the outcome? You get more insights of how things work inside you. You become more aware of who you really are. You see new possibilities that are useful to you in your daily life and that suit you. This has a calming effect and gives you an internal balance.

I call rebalancing also coaching through the body

For me Rebalancing is a way to look at myself without the aim to achieve something. I have learned to listen to my body better and think less.

I took the 3-year training to become a Rebalancer at “Foundation Education Rebalancing”, school for bodywork and awareness. I am a member of the Dutch Platform for Professional Rebalancing®.

“People always feel differently when they leave the practice”

My method is open minded. I am down to earth, curious, an empathetic listener and I have focus. My hands are present listening, they follow, invite. It is about loving contact without a value judgment, everything can be as it is. I work from a practical approach. You must benefit from the treatment, gain experiences and insights that you can use in your life.

The cost of a session is € 80 for 1.5 hours. Sessions are always by appointment. Daytime and evening appointments are available.

In addition to the session, you can take a forest walk directly from the door of practice. This is a wonderful way to transition after a session to let what the session has done to you work on you.

Reconnect with yourself?